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You want your kids to experience life.

We get it. Now they can with the first, fully-featured child safety smartband.


The Kiband, a child tracker, allows you to be mindful of your kids in any environment while allowing them to live an active life. Place the Kiband on your child’s wrist with our simple one touch lock. You’re in control with custom distances set from your smartphone using the Kiband app. More than a child GPS, the Kiband will work anywhere on the planet without any monthly fees

What makes the Kiband Different?

The Kiband is a unique take on child tracking unlike anything you’ve ever seen – because it doesn’t track your child – it doesn’t have to.

From the first day we began developing the Kiband, it was about something different than child tracking. Kiband was developed to empower young children to experience life–the way you did when you were young–while giving you the peace of mind they can never get too far away. Kiband doesn’t need to find a lost child, because with Kiband you teach your child to never get too far away, without getting in the way of your family adventure.


Freedom to go anywhere and do anything with audible location alarm. No need to take your smartphone out of your pocket when your child wanders, simply listen for the up to 85db alarm (a little quieter then a smoke detector) and know where your child is instantly.

Complete Confidence

With one touch lock. The Kiband locks onto your child’s wrist and is only removable by you using the Kiband app from your smartphone.

Focus on Them

With intuitive custom controls. Using the Kiband app, you can set custom perimeters and activity levels you are comfortable with your child exploring.

Embrace Curiosity

In many environments with water alert. If the Kiband ever becomes submerged in water, even for a few seconds, you will receive an alert so you can react quickly.

Teach Independence

With silent reminders. As your child approaches the perimeter set by you using the Kiband app, the Kiband will vibrate, giving the child a tactile reminder they are getting too far and to look for you. If they ignore the reminder and continue farther, the Kiband will begin to sound an audible alarm.


Learn more about the Kiband. Visit our FAQ Section.

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The Kiband is coming soon! Join the waitlist now to secure your spot in line to order the Kiband.

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