I Am a Mom

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About “I Am a Mom”

Over the last year, as we have been developing the Kiband, our email inbox has been filled daily with requests to purchase the Kiband. Sometime last year we stopped simply responding with a list of to do’s and estimated delivery dates and we started asking:

“What would you do with a Kiband?”

We were not the least bit prepared for the response. Stories began emerging from our customers. Personal experiences, personal triumph . . . some personal tragedy. The broader story that emerged though was one that touched us deeply. It was what it means to a Mom to be a Mom. We felt compelled to share this story with you, but words didn’t seem enough, so we got out a camera and started to ask:

“What does it mean to you to be a Mom?”

And “I Am a Mom” was born. We hope you find the same inspiration, power, and hope that we did. “Every mom does it differently and that’s the right way” is so true. These are just a few Moms we admire but we hope you will introduce us to some more so we can help tell their amazing stories.


Spencer Behrend
Founder and CEO, KiLife Tech.