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How much will Kiband cost?

Kiband will be $149 when it is released.

When will Kiband be available?

Kiband will be released late summer or early fall 2016. Pre-orders will open before that. To be notified when pre-orders open, click the button to join waitlist and fill out your name and email address.

Won't my child just take it off?

The Kiband has a patent-pending internal locking mechanism that can only be removed by the parent from their secure smartphone app.

Why doesn't Kiband use GPS?

GPS is not as reliable or affordable as you might think. The Kiband doesn’t rely on any 3rd party network to function allowing you to feel secure anywhere, anytime with out concern for coverage or accuracy. We are working closely with companies developing next generation GPS and may integrate this into future models for various applications. Also, Kiband’s goal is to prevent a lost child, not find a child after he or she is lost. GPS is not necessary in this application and ultimately lowers the cost of the product for you, the consumer.

What happens if my child goes out of bluetooth range?

The Kiband uses a smartband technology that is not only bluetooth allowing the child to explore from 5 to about 200 feet an any direction from the parent. If the child goes beyond this the band will immediately alarm at 85 decibels and continue to alarm until the child is safely back in proximity to the parent. Contact info is easily visible on the band.

Do you make larger sizes?

“I have an older child this would be great for.” We are currently offering sizing for average 18 month to 7 years old, but our designers are hard at work to create a version for our friends with special needs, addressing tactile sensitivity, sizing and a few other concerns parents have. Be sure to join our email list to stay up to date on when these will be available for beta testing.

Does Kiband require cell service or GPS reception?

Since Kiband uses Low Energy Bluetooth technology, cell service or GPS is not necessary. A network is created directly between the Kiband and your smartphone.

What happens if my child goes out of Bluetooth range?

The Kiband is a smartband which means there are other sensors and algorithms that determine whether to alert if the child is out of range. This allows the child to explore the world around them 5-200 feet from the parent’s smartphone. If the child goes beyond the limit set by the parent, the band will immediately alarm at 85 decibels and continue to alarm until the child is safely back in proximity to the parent.

Is Kiband a replacement for supervision?

No. The smartband is intended to help reduce anxiety, provide peace of mind and allow added freedom, for both parents and children. Proper adult supervision of children is required.

Where can I buy it?

The Kiband is currently undergoing beta testing. It will be available for pre-order summer of 2016. You may join the waitlist to receive an invite to pre-order.

What stops a kidnapper from cutting the band?

The Kiband is meant for for everyday situations when children wander off in public places like parks, malls, grocery stores, public events, etc. Kiband’s purpose is to provide parents with peace of mind and help children to stay safe and close. Statistically, it is very rare for a child to be kidnapped, but that said, the Kiband will sound an 85db alarm if it is cut or tampered with.

What mobile devices will the Kiband work with?

Upon launch, the Kiband will work with iOS and Android devices. Support for Windows phone will be added later on.

How far will the bluetooth signal reach?

Kiband has a range of about 200 feet in an open, unobstructed environment. Obstructions such as walls will reduce this range. However, the beauty of the device is that if it loses signal with the parent’s smartphone, it does exactly what it is supposed to and alarm.

Is there a monthly service fee?

Since Kiband doesn’t use cell service or GPS, there is no monthly service fee.

Can I take my Kiband on family vacations outside of the country?

Kiband can be taken with you anywhere. As long as you have your phone, Kiband can be used. Cell service isn’t required, just a bluetooth connection with your phone. Feel free to take Kiband with you on cruises, camping, and other adventures all over the world. What are you waiting for? Get out there!

Where is KiLife Tech located?

KiLife Tech is located in the heart of Silicon Slopes: Orem, Utah (just south of Salt Lake City) one of the recent hot beds of innovation.

What about water?

The Kiband is water resistant so children can still wash their hands and go about their active lives. However, one of our most valuable patent-pending unique features is the water alarm. The water alarm will immediately alert you if your child’€™s band is submerged in water for even a few seconds.

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