There are fewer things more important in your daughter’s life than her relationship with her dad. Those memories will live on with your her for years to come; and may even impact some of the most important years of her life. Daddy-daughter dates do not require a lot of planning or money, simply a desire and willingness to participate.
Here are 10 perfect ideas for daddy-daughter dates:
  • 1. Go out for ice cream or frozen yogurt. Who doesn’t like a sweet treat and time to tell Dad all about what is going on in life?
  • 2. Go ice skating (or skating at the roller rink). Even if you’re not very good at it, hold her hand and help her learn. If you fall, you both will have a good laugh.
  • 3. Go Shopping. This doesn’t require a purchase, though it could if you decided upon that. Simply walking through the store can be an adventure; an opportunity to learn the things she likes and dislikes, and an opportunity to learn that Dad cares about the things she cares about.
  • 4. Take her out to the ballpark (or any sporting event). Whether that sporting event be professional or the local high school, sports are fun and she’ll enjoy time with Dad.
  • 5. Go out for dinner. This doesn’t have to be a fancy restaurant. Take her somewhere she loves, or be adventurous together with someplace new.
  • 6. Go to a museum. Science, Art, Dinosaurs, whatever you both enjoy.
  • 7. Get pedicures together. If you’re willing, it will be something she will never forget.
  • 8. Go to a movie Pick something you’ll both like, share some popcorn, and enjoy.
  • 9. Pack a Picnic. Grab a blanket, pack some favorite foods, and head out for a simple date.
  • 10. Home Depot Kids’ Workshop. Even if you aren’t known for being a handyman, this can be a fun time for the two of you to bond over simple projects.
  • No matter what you choose for your daddy-daughter dates; head out with your princess and enjoy these precious moments.