Earlier this month we were at the ABC Kid’s Expo in Las Vegas. Everything and anything you could imagine for our cute little ones was on display.  We decided to look around and find our favorite products that will make your adventures a little easier. The products range in ages and uses; but they are all great products to have on hand.

1.Monkey Mat

The Monkey Mat is perfect for just about any adventure. Take the Monkey Mat to the beach, the airport, camping, the park, even take it to Grandma’s. The Monkey Mat is stored in a small little pouch that is attached to one of the corners; you just pull the Monkey Mat out of the pouch and lay it out. The Monkey Mat is water resistant and spill resistant, and it has loops that you can use to keep your keys or toys on the mat. The Monkey Mat has weighted corners to help keep it flat on the ground. If you’d like, you can buy their set of stakes to help hold the mat down even more if you feel that is necessary.

The best part about the Monkey Mat is putting it back in the pouch. We all know the dread that comes from trying to fit a product back into its packaging. With the Monkey Mat, you can leave the dread at the door. The creators have designed the Monkey Mat in such a way that you can just stuff it back into the pouch quickly and get on with the adventure. Who doesn’t want just the fun part? My experience with the Monkey Mat has made me a believer. The kids love it, and I love how convenient and easy it is to use. Oh and did I mention that carrying it around is so easy, given the convenient small pouch that you store it in. My Monkey Mat stays in my bag or in the car. I’m always prepared; you never know where your adventure will take you.

You can buy Monkey Mat on there website monkeymat.com


2. Twistshake

For the smaller adventurers of the group, we have Twistshake. I absolutely love this item. It’s simple to use and makes life on the go much easier. Fill the powder boxes for the day’s needs then set off on your adventure, whether that be to the park, Grandma’s, shopping, a play date, or simply just out and about for the day. All of the pieces from Twistshake are interchangeable. This allows you to customize your bottle and you powder boxes.

Twistshake has an anti-colic teat and Twistflow anti-colic system. This system is unique to Twistshake and helps to hinder baby colic and reduce the chance of a disruption in the flow of the contents. One of my favorite things about Twistshake baby bottles is that they are dishwasher and microwave safe. After use simply rinse out the bottle with water and when you get home, toss it in the dishwasher.

My experience with Twistshake bottles has left me with the question, why has it taken us so long to develop this? If you have need for bottles, I highly reccomend heading over to twistshake.com and getting a couple. Once you’ve used them, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.


3. Squeasy Snacker

For the bigger kids, there is the Squeasy Snacker. You can fill it with anything from yogurt or applesauce to juice or water. The great thing about the Squeasy Snacker is the No Spill Insert. This is what allows your little one to snack away without the concern that suddenly your backseat will be covered in yogurt. You can use the Squeasy Snacker with the No Spill Insert or without.

The Squeasy Snacker is dishwasher safe and it comes completely apart to allow for thorough cleaning. The kid-favorite feature is the silicone body. The kids loved the feel of it and how easily they could squeeze and manipulate the shape of the Squeasy Snacker.

The Squeasy Snacker comes in several different sizes to fit the needs of your little explorers. Head on over to http://www.squeasygear.com and get yours; then all you have to do is pack the snack and head out on the adventure.


4. ZoomKIT

We all know that some of the best adventures require a little travel time. I’m sure we all also know that little ones don’t always enjoy the travel time. That’s where the ZoomKIT comes in. As a kid, I always wanted have a table or something to play and write on. The ZoomKIT is perfect for all of that and more. You can buy different inserts to use in the ZoomKIT; one even creates a perfect place to eat. This little piece of wonder is perfect for the car, the plane, or just the couch. It folds up, making it easy to store just about anywhere. We may have found the solution to the age old travel question; “are we there yet?!”

Head over to zoomkit.com and grab some for your little ones before your next adventure. You and the kids will thank you.


Grab these great items and head off on your next adventure.