Along with decorating the house and planning costumes, there are lots of fun activities to do around Halloween. Here are 5 family Halloween activities:

1. “Electrified Frankenstein Ring Toss”

Grab a green 2 liter soda bottle(Mt Dew, 7 Up), a filler(salt, sand, sugar), some black and white construction paper, glue, and glow sticks(with connectors). Fill the the bottle with your filler and decorate it to look like Frankenstein. Once y’all have made Frankenstein, break out the glow sticks and dim the lights. It’s game time!

2. “Booing” Your Friends

This is a tradition that is sure to bring fun to your and your friend’s families. Make a couple of treats, print off these free printables, and secretly drop the packages to two of your friend’s homes. Your family will enjoy a fun night, and spread fun, holiday spirit together.

3. “Erupting Pumpkins”

“Erupting Pumpkins” are a fun family activity. Check it out at Growing a Jeweled Rose.

If you have little mad scientists or if your little ghouls like to make things “erupt”; this will be a fun activity. Grab some pumpkins you have carved into jack-o-lanterns or any other fun carvings and follow this step by step. You’re bound to have some exploding fun!

4. “Sticky Spiderwebs”

Using painter’s tape and some old newspaper, make make a spiderweb in a doorway like this. This game is bound to be a blast for the kids; and maybe you’ll join in too!

5. “Ghost Bowling”

It starts cooling down outside in October, and what better activity than bowling with pumpkins and ghosts? Grab some water bottles, cotton balls, and a ball that looks like a pumpkin(or make one). Here are some ideas on making the “pins”.