Who doesn’t like sure-fire shortcuts? If somebody knows a secret that can make life a little easier, you know you are down to learn what it is. So here are some parenting hacks we’ve found that help make our lives a little easier:

  1. Instant etch-a-sketch: What child doesn’t like playing in sand? Create a similar effect with sugar. Use a cookie sheet or a 9 x 13 pan (depending on how adventurous you are) and put enough sugar in the pan to completely cover it. Help your child write the alphabet or their numbers in the sugar. They can use their hand to “mess up” the sugar and write the next letter. Fun learning! Just don’t let them lick their hands.. (This also works for learning sight words.)
  2. Travel Hack: We all know sometimes traveling is difficult for our children. Sitting still is the hardest thing for a little one and activities get all over the car quickly. Grab an old DVD case and some printer paper. Cut a stack of printer paper to fit on the left hand side of the DVD case (the side clips help hold the paper in place). If you want to get fancy, here is how to create a pencil holder on the other side; but we like to keep it simple and keep all the crayons in a pencil pouch.
  3. Marshmallows: While marshmallows are great for making s’mores, using them in a marshmallow gun, and as a topping for hot cocoa; my favorite use is for sore throats. Don’t you hate a sore throat, but we’ve found an upside. Marshmallows were actually created to help soothe sore throats. So why not have a little bit of sweets in the name of medicine. 🙂

Give these parenting hacks a try and may the adventure be ever in your favor!