PROVO, UT— The Kiband (kī-’band) is the newest technology in child wearables. More than a simple bluetooth tag, Kiband offers true peace of mind and empowers children to safely explore the world around them. Kiband’s smartband technology is the key to effective prevention of a lost child: allowing parents to set custom perimeters, actively map the environment, alert children when they are getting too far away, and be instantly alerted to a child’s exact location hands free when they wander too far away. This allows parents to react immediately before a child gets lost, not after.

Parent company KiLife Tech (kī-’līf), a student founded startup, has been developing the Kiband for over a year in secret and announced today the launch of their website and a Kickstarter campaign. The campaign offers parents the opportunity to support the mission of Kiband and secure one of the first smartbands to roll off the line.

Founder and CEO of KiLife Tech Spencer Behrend talks about his own experience losing track of his two year old son (now four) at a Fourth of July parade as the inspiration for Kiband. Building on advances in low energy Bluetooth, KiLife Tech developed the smartband technology for the Kiband.

KiLife Tech is a Utah based company developing technology and innovations for the caring life. For more information visit,

Kaitlyn Spell
KiLife Tech